Tiffany diamond unique stringent standards and cutting mode.


Tiffany diamond ring of bright light and colorful figure from the Tiffany diamond unique stringent standards and cutting mode.

Diamond appraisal rating above, commonly used in the industry “4C” standards for Tiffany, it is too simple, and not enough to measure a diamond genuine quality, beauty and value. As the world’s diamond authority, Tiffany diamonds for the stringent requirements not only stay in the cut (Cut), Clarity (Clarity), color (Color) and carat weight (Carat) This “4C” above Tiffany’s unique gem identification of room outside the “4C” standard also introduces an additional symmetry, precision cutting and polishing grades three important measure of standards, which will affect the overall aesthetic appearance of diamonds and diamond ring.

Symmetry refers to the proportion of cut, the proportion of the perfect diamond does not exist countertops and bottom tip off center, deformity faceted and non-parallel wavy waist and countertops; perfect dazzling Tiffany diamond cut its high accuracy workers showing exquisite gem cutting technician skills; highly polished diamond grade can ensure its beauty intact state. Tiffany Diamond relentless pursuit of beauty, insist on the highest standards of symmetry, precision cutting and polishing grade.

Tiffany diamond cutting mode is designed to make the most brilliant magnificent Yao light emitted at the expense of cutting off the carat weight loss, the opposite is the other jewelers in the cutting to ensure maximum carat weight of the primary considerations. This unique cutting tradition called the legend, you can always be traced back to 1878 birth of the world’s Tiffany Diamond “legendary Tiffany yellow diamond.” Tiffany yellow diamond weighing 287.42 kt original stone cut to 128.54 kt hesitate lost more than half of the original stone weight, only to cut an unprecedented 82 facets, maximizing light show legend Fengyun yellow diamond with the sun moving beauty .

Tiffany diamond ring, each one must realize the company founder’s commitment: to create a timeless symbol of true love. Tiffany diamond engagement ring you have a later date, Tiffany & Co. will continue to provide you with a lifetime guarantee unmatched service excellence. Unlike other gemstone identification diamond certification room, Tiffany issued a “Certificate of Authenticity Tiffany diamond.” The identification of the book inscribed with Tiffany’s lifetime guarantee. Tiffany will adhere to this commitment, honesty trustworthiness.

Tiffany diamond engagement ring also provide engraving and lifetime free cleaning service. Difunike provide custom engraving services for the engagement ring and wedding ring, can be carved up to three uppercase letters, offers five most popular font selection, coagulation casting voices to each other, long-lasting and unique. Lifetime free cleaning services to make your resume as gorgeous diamond ring to wear during the initial luster. Experts will also check for your diamonds, and thoroughly clean the ring.

Tiffany diamond sourcing commitment to ensure the proper and strict adherence to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Tiffany’s goal is to fully grasp the design used in jewelry original source material. To ensure the integrity of the supply chain, Tiffany established the Lauren Dayton Diamonds (Laurelton Diamonds), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiffany’s, mainly for the purchase of the original stone Tiffany and manage global supply chains of rough diamonds, including the source , cut, polished and finished diamonds will be supplied to Tiffany.

Tiffany diamond engagement ring symbolizes the most purely romantic courtship ritual, but not with a perfect shine Tiffany diamond wedding ring (Wedding Band) is bearing in mind the vows of eternal love. These keepsake carrying lovers who love to share a lifetime of sweet memories.

Tiffany master craftsmen strive to perfect their passion into every detail to ensure that your beautiful inside and outside the ring as one.

Tiffany & Co. diamond ring to marry the traditional founders


1886, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany jewelry brand launched the world’s first six claw inlay diamond ring, and the brand name will be named Tiffany Setting. The company is also the traditional engagement ring marry into the world. Tiffany has become a veritable “true love” synonym.

Today the public is well-known diamond engagement ring from Tiffany in 1886 to the world. Tiffany had a dream, to have 一枚 perfect symbol of love and sincerity between lovers eachother ring. So, Tiffany® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay available. Tiffany became the admiration of countless women today are inlaid diamond ring six claw inventor.

This is the history of the most respected ring, called “diamond in the ring.” Its dazzling brilliance unmatched, making it a model of the well-known diamond engagement ring and a perfect witness to the love of the truth. Classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany” (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) actress Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) specifically mentioned Tiffany® Setting Tiffany Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay on the occasion of the 150 years anniversary of the letter addressed to the company, praised “classic and timeless.”

Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay is unique, its bright light second to none. This unique six claw inlay design will be top quality Tiffany diamonds inlaid with six claws on top of the ring units, the maximum extent reflects the dazzling light, filling the gorgeous CLS diamonds. Tiffany® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay will never be able to come to the fore, and instantly become the focus of attention. Crowd, Guanghua conceal, far and staring, sparkling extraordinary.

Never had any one of the jewelry design as Tiffany® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay generally have such a profound impact and won so widely loved. In love stories, movies or real life, can always see the Tiffany Blue Box Tiffany blue gift box that a Tiffany® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay. Since 1886, men around the world are respected and followed this romantic courtship Tiffany-style tradition – one knee, affectionate gaze, Tiffany will be worth a thousand words in front of a blue gift box was sent to the woman, waiting for that short but soon turned into an eternal “Yes”, expecting white ribbons fall, blue gift box open heart moment.

Since 1837, a man in love is always to look for the perfect Tiffany diamond ring. This carries a lifetime keepsake love truth and faithful love. Staring at women in their lifetime will be diamond engagement ring on his left ring finger a million times. Therefore, Tiffany diamond ring must Zhenzhi America. In fact, true.

Tiffany talented designers followed across the centuries deep design heritage and creativity, and constantly create a symbol of love than a century extraordinary masterpieces – Zoran charm, bright ultimate diamond engagement ring. In addition to “diamond in the ring” Tiffany® Setting Tiffany diamond ring six claw inlay addition, Tiffany also has a variety of different design styles other original diamond ring, including Lucida, Tiffany Novo, Tiffany Soleste, Tiffany Embrace, Tiffany Legacy, Tiffany Bezet and Tiffany Harmony and so on. Although diamond shape and cut different, but each one unique Tiffany diamond ring are highlighting the extraordinary beauty, the only lady waiting for that offer long-lasting love vow.

Lucida® Tiffany diamond ring after decades of painstaking design, caused a sensation in 1999 when the listing. Tiffany proudly named this exclusive diamond cutting Lucida®, meaning the brightest stars in the sky. Whether it is a square or rectangle, Lucida® can strongly attract people’s attention. In doing layered diamond crown cut corners grace wide, highlighting the unique charm bright.

Tiffany Novo® diamond ring design inspired by the famous 128.54 kt Zhen priceless treasure –Tiffany Diamond “legendary Tiffany yellow diamond.” Tiffany Novo® retained the dazzling brilliance of diamonds Fengyun legend, while exudes its own unique brilliance. Its unique pillow-shaped cut, with inspiration, passion and fashion. The essence of vulgarity Tiffany style, most vividly.

Tiffany Jewelry bright new store opening


Tiffany & Co gave us the impression that the usual grace and elegance, but a new series of autumn and winter jewelry large advertising because F handsome prince Fu Laiya – Beatrice Eriksson (FrejaBeha Erichsen)’s appearance has become handsome modern up . Freja wearing a loose T-shirt perspective, take a walk in the streets of New York camera, releasing a charming and laid back temperament. Even more eye-popping is a Freja Beha Erichsen with mom image photographed carrying a cute Baby blockbusters, that we also have F-shining glory maternal side.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the United States in 1837 opened the jewelry and silverware company. 1853 Charles Tiffany master control of the company, the company name will be simplified to “Tiffany’s” (Tiffany & Co), the company has since established the jewelry industry as a business focus. Tiffany gradually establish branches in major cities worldwide. Tiffany has developed its own set of stones, platinum standards, adopted by the U.S. government as an official standard.

April 16, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany dazzling opening a new store located in UK, which is the brand’s second store opened in Chengdu, presenting a full range of Tiffany jewelry works. Tiffany British director and general manager Zhao Hua Ouyang and actress Karen Mok cut the ribbon for the new store together.

Tiffany IFS store area of ​​nearly 140 square meters, the store using the same strain of brand design philosophy, including the classic Tiffany blue glass facade, was adopted on New York’s Fifth Avenue flagship store wheat pattern decorating the main entrance of the frame window. Store displays have included Tiffany yellow diamond diamond jewelry, including a series Zhen Han, for highlighting these extraordinary of modern design; commemorate an important moment in the life of each series of Tiffany Celebration Rings. Store presents a special fashion and jewelry industry in the prestigious three Tiffany exclusive designer to Shilongbojie (Jean Schlumberger), Elsa Bairui Di (Elsa Peretti) and Paloma Picasso (Paloma Picasso ) classic designs.